Must See! Everglades Gardens

Last weekend I visited one of my favourite gardens in the Blue Mountains – Everglades Gardens. Now is a great time to visit and really appreciate the mastery of Danish born landscape designer Paul Sorenson (what is it about Danes and design in Australia!)

With the riot of flowers during Spring and Summer having calmed down now, Sorenson’s exquisite simplicity and restraint of design, particularly through the terraces that take you down to the main house, comes to the fore.

Long rectangular shaped lawns with focal points on the axis give a simple but effective support for the extensive annual and perennial planting, thus allowing them to effortlessly do their thing.

Each terraced area is separated by a stone wall. These were built using Depression labour during the 1930’s. Literally thousands of tons of earth and rock were moved to create these gardens. Like many other features in the gardens, the walls look simple from a distance but closer examination provides many delightful surprises.

The terraces also bring apparent order into the surrounding wild yet majestic Australian bush. The contrast between the two is breathtaking.

However, my favourite area is the Garden Theatre. With its wonderful stage defined by wing spaces of clipped conifers, a gorgeous arch centrally upstage and the Wisteria walk structure providing both a wall to the Theatre and a stunning series of live framed pictures of the Jamison Valley, it’s an experience set to rival any Opera or Ballet production at the Opera House!

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