Gardening with Pots

Do pots make you think of Grandma’s Geraniums? Have you got some in a corner overgrown with mint? Don’t despair! Pots are an excellent design tool for creating a beautiful green space in any setting. Whether you have a garden, a courtyard or a balcony, here are some ideas for shaping your own unique piece of the outdoors.

Used singularly in a garden, they can make a stunning statement - with or without a plant in them. Bigger is better out in the garden. The example shown creates a focal point that allows your eye to comfortably rest. Overscaling (choosing a bigger pot) brings confidence to the design and is a simple way to create a memorable space that is distinctly yours.

Potted plants also need regular fertilizing. But don’t be fooled into thinking that potting mix is good because it’s organic. The advertising may tell you that it provides nutrients for the soil, but the truth is that it’s broken down by bacteria which actually pull nitrogen out of soil and away from your plants. This is also known as ‘Nitrogen drawdown’. This can be a reason for leaves going yellow.

Slow release fertilizers such as the inorganic Osmocote or the organic Organic Life are the easiest to apply but do also use liquid fertilizers every two weeks during the warmer months. I like Nitrosol or Maxicrop. Seaweed solutions such as Seasol are also good – just don’t put it on before having visitors, it’s a bit pongy!

More on using pots in groups for effect, watering and repotting next week!

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