Endlessly Inspirational - the Crepe Myrtle

We're almost at the height of Summer and now sees one of the most delicately flowering plants come into its own - the Crepe Myrtle. But it's one tough plant being drought resistant and frost tolerant.

Originally from the India, Myanmar, South China part of the world, it's gorgeous flowers and beautiful bark have made it very popular in Western gardens.

What?! In its original form, it can get to 8 metres high. It was discovered that if you pruned it hard (now known as pollarding) you would get a whole lot of new growth so even more flowers.

Although pollarding has become an artform in some countries, particularly France, it has divided opinions. This is mainly because it cuts into the beautiful bark and leaves an ugly, knobbly joint in the stem.

However, over time you can get this effect...

...or just leave the the stems to show their patterns and colours naturally?

Maybe really go for it and create a bonsai?

Or inspiration for an iPhone cover?

'Wind and Crepe Myrtle Concerto' by Alma Woodsey Thomas.

All from this, here in its natural form.

What do you think?


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