Heritage Plants - Rondeletia

This time of year sees many plants flowering madly - or does it? With many landscapes being populated by Murraya’s and Lillypilly’s or grasses like Lomandra and Dianella, there has been a gradual decline in those wonderful flowering plants that are sometimes rather unkindly referred to as ‘Grandma’ plants. Here I think we should call them Heritage plants :-)

Over the next few months, I thought we might have a look at a few of them. Interestingly they’re often as tough as nails and can often survive quite happily by being completely ignored.

So, first up is Rondeletia. Originally from Central America and named after a French physician Monsieur G. Rondelet, they are also in the same family as Gardenia's and like Gardenia's have a beautiful, lightly perfumed fragrance.

They are an evergreen shrub and will grow to about 3 x 3 metres. They like the sun and are pretty much pest and disease free. And look at those flowers - from late August to the end of September they are covered in literally hundreds of them.

This is a great plant for the Sydney region!

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