Synthetic grass - the future for Aussie backyards?

I was recently asked to design a garden for a very busy couple in Sydney's inner west. All was going well during the initial briefing session when suddenly came the question, "What do you think about using synthetic grass out the back?" Initially I was gob smacked, "Synthetic grass?! What?? Heresy!" But this is not my garden and it's not me who won't be there half of every week. So, hoping they hadn't noticed my surprise, I said shakily I'd look into it.

This is what I found, and this is how the garden has developed so far...

So here it is close up. The 'grass' is a UV stabilised polypropolene, stitched and glued into a matting. On average, synthetic grasses have a 7 - 10 year warranty.

Believe it or not there are over 40 different types available. Different ones to suit from pool surrounds to tennis courts, residential gardens to putting greens.

And here's our garden. It has been extensively cleared of weeds - we also found a lovely sandstone seat thought lost!

The 'grassed' area has been levelled (railway sleeper retaining walls added) and then prepared as if laying pavers. So road base was brought in and wacker packed flat with a slight fall to allow for drainage.

Now it's simply rolled out and cut to shape with a Stanley knife. This company also uses an underlay.

It's then fixed into place with 100mm galvanised 'pins'.


Well, there's the rest of the garden to go but more photos later :-)

So, the advantages are you don't have to mow it, fertilise it or water it. Plus there are no allergies for pets. If it gets dirty, you just hose it down.

I must admit my view shifted on its use, it ticks all the boxes for my client too. It's just not alive, but how much does that matter?

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