Single? Informal Double? Formal Double? What?!

Spring has sprung, well, sort of, and this time of year sees Camellias coming to the end of their flowering season. Before they go, I thought we'd look at the five types of Camellia flowers.

The first one is 'Yuletide', a classic single flower.

It has one layer of petals with prominent stamens in the centre.

And this is a semi double, it has two or more layers of petals with prominent stamens in the centre.

This is 'Elegans Champagne' a double. You'll notice it has large outer petals surrounding a distinct central crown of smaller petals or petaloids. The stamens are very discreet indeed.

One of my favourites, 'Jennifer Susan' is an informal double. It has several layers of petals that seem unable to make up their mind which way to lie.

The poor old stamens end up struggling to be noticed.

But, while informal doubles are happily random...

...the petals of formal double flowers are an exercise in exquisite placement...

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