What's out now - striking Magnolia

Who said nothing happens in the garden in Winter?! We had a look at Camellias recently, now comes this striking flowerer - the Tulip or Saucer Magnolia (Magnolia x soulangeana)

It was first bred in France about 200 years ago and has since gone on to become a favourite with designers particularly for more traditional or heritage gardens.

How gorgeous is this!

Here it is in full bloom. I bet you're smiling! As you can see it's a low branching, small tree getting to about 5 metres high - ideal for smaller gardens.

It can take full sun to part shade but I wouldn't have it in a west facing garden. Shelter it from the wind so for coastal gardens I'd be looking for something else.

Consider using this magnolia as a single feature tree but, if you have the space, imagine a row of them - spectacular!

Curiously it flowers before it's leaves come out, here it is in early summer in full leaf mode.

Magnolia x soulangeana goes well with Camellias, Roses, Azaleas, Wisteria, Agapanthus and Hydrangeas.

Who said nothing happens in the garden in Winter!


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