Landscape Design Consultation
  • Landscape Design Concepts – Visions and Practicalities

  • Plant Selection – Choosing the best range of plants for your garden

  • Garden Advice - Horticulture consultant

Landscape Design Documentation

This includes Concept Plans, Planting Plans, Set Out Plans, Detail Drawings and DA Landscape Plans for Councils.


The Concept and Planting Plans also include a Planting Schedule and a Maintenance Schedule. 

Soil Analysis

Essential for good plant selection and long term healthy growth. 

Tests include:

  • pH

  • Compaction

  • Texture

  • Stability

  • Permeability

  • Structure

  • Organic Matter Content Level



Harmony In Design Lecture
Plant Supply & Horticultural Consultation

Hand chosen by a qualified horticulturist, plants can be supplied at highly competitive rates. Delivery is free. Garden Symphony also offers a free 1 year follow up Plant Advice service.

A fascinating presentation looking at how various societies expressed themselves through art, music and garden design, and the remarkable similarities between these three great disciplines.

Ideal for plant societies, Probus meetings, tertiary and adult further education.

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